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"Let's Play" Candle. 22/7x YT x 常室聯名蠟燭

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22/7 by Hsu與Yu-Ting與常室合作推出全天然成分聯名蠟燭Let’s Play:


彷彿在陽光普照的午後,由包裹著甜美香草的佛手柑啟程,滑翔在亮橙色的果皮,再一躍到苦橙樹上盛開的白色花瓣。像孩子一樣毫無保留地笑著、奔跑著,玩累了,就這麼躺在草地上,閉上眼,徜徉於檀香的溫柔和岩蘭草的平靜,在Let’s Play裡,找回那個最單純、最純粹的自己。

常室成立於 2016 年,品牌致力深耕香氛文化,陸續推出台灣第一座香氛融蠟燈,常室香氛蠟燭堅持只用全天然成分,採非基改成分、不含鉛的棉線燭芯、芳療級植物精油製成。每一顆蠟燭都是在常室的店裡誕生的願將香氛緩緩引入台灣的每一扇門,再讓常室的香氣承載著台灣的溫柔,至全世界。

22/7 by Hsu, Yu-Ting and La Chamber collaborated to launch a candle called Let’s Play. All ingredients are natural. 

Bergamot/Bitter Orange/Sandalwood/Vetiver

It is as if in the sun-drenched afternoon, starting from the bergamot wrapped in sweet vanilla, gliding on the bright orange peel, and then jumping to the white petals in full bloom on the bitter orange tree. Laughing and running like a child without reservation, lying on the grass, closing your eyes, wandering in the gentleness of sandalwood and the calmness of vetiver. Find the purest self in Let's Play. 

Established in 2016, La Chamber is committed to cultivating fragrance culture, and successively launched Taiwan’s first candle melting lamps. La Chamber insist on using only all-natural ingredients, non-modified ingredients and lead-free cotton threads. Made of candle wicks and aromatherapy-grade plant essential oils, every candle is born in the La Chamber studio.